Please Stay Home If You Are Sick


In an effort to keep Emory Writing Center tutors and visitors healthy, we ask that you stay home if you are ill and/or have a fever. If Writing Center tutors notice that you are sick, they may ask you to go home and reschedule your appointment. Please reschedule your appointment after you have been fever-free for at least 24 hours.

Emory University recommends that our community take the following steps to prevent the spread of germs:

  • Use hand sanitizer routinely (at least 60% alcohol) and wash your hands frequently with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds.
  • Cover your cough and sneezes with your sleeve or a tissue.
  • Use a face mask only if you are ill (not necessary when you are well). All ill students with fever and cough will be masked prior to entering Student Health Services.
  • Stay at home if you are ill, especially if you have a fever. Resume regular routines when you are fever free for 24 hours without fever reducing medications.
  • For environmental hygiene, use bleach wipes and wipe down all commonly touched surfaces.
  • As COVID-19 mimics the flu, it is not too late to get your flu shot to limit your risk of having a similar illness.

These and other measures can be reviewed here.

Emory University’s corona virus updates can be found here.

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